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I'm not surprised at all to see Wyndi as a finalist in the top chefs for the 405. I trusted her with 100% of my nutrition in January. I lost 15 lbs and actually enjoyed the process. Her food is phenomenal and she really works with you to help you reach your goals. ❤️

Stephanie H

Seriously Wyndi, Dining Simple has literally changed our lives. Please never stop cooking these amazing meals! We have the best family time now at the dinner table instead of being out at a restaurant or eating Chick-fil-A three times a week. 😂 Thank you thank you thank you!! 🙏 ❤️

Emily K

We have been enthusiastic customers of Dining Simply for many months now after having been introduced to it by a friend. Not only do we love the quality of the meal but have found the portion size to be perfect. We believe the value of the meal exceeds the cost of the meal itself. We would not be ...Read More

J and S Fitz

I am a diabetic on dialysis. Your food is literally a life saver for me. Using the fresh food low salt low fat and low sugar cooking is what I have to have. Nobody believes me when I say that I eat meals with flavour without all the bad stuff UNTIL I give them a bite! My husband is on board. He has ...Read More

Trish Ballame

I love the convenience of the Dining Simple meals. They are always delivered fresh and on time to my home or office. However, even more important is how great they taste and the variety each week. All the items are fresh, never frozen. The menu changes and you are never bored with the selection. ...Read More

Mendi Hawkins

Wow…Hello Wyndi, hope you’re doing great!

I have to tell you, you have made my life SO MUCH easier and tastier with your wonderful meals. I have more time to do things after work and enjoy a wonderful, healthy meal every night with my husband (that loves them just as much BTW) Anyway, ...Read More


Wow…Wow…. And Wow…. girl you are definitely in the right business. Each and every meal was awesome! It’s hard to believe that those meals are healthy!! Oh my goodness… so so flavorful, so good. You’re doing the right thing! I’m so proud of you and I am so glad to know you


Wyndi, Thank you for helping me eat healthy again…and making it easy!


I have been ordering from Wyndi for a couple of years. The last several months I have been ordering almost every week and told her I was not going to pick what I wanted to eat – just surprise me. I eat one of the meals and noon and dinner. I am not diabetic but ordered the food as if I were diabetic. ...Read More


I cannot say how much we love Wyndi’s meal. We have ordered from her on several occasions because we know that first and foremost the food will taste great! The food is portioned correctly so that you don’t feel like you have overeaten. Another factor is the food she is making is healthy and ...Read More

Brecklyn Ferrell

I started ordering Wyndi’s single portion meals a couple of years ago. After hitting 40, and working hard to stay in shape, it became clear that diet was the key. With this service, most of my meals are planned and convenient, and that has made my life so much easier. These nutritious meals provide ...Read More


I have 3 young children (picky eaters) and a husband on a restricted diet (basically can’t eat anything that kids’ love). Before I heard about Wyndi’s Living Simple, pleasing all of them was next to impossible! Now everybody is happy. My husband and I always have healthy and delicious food ...Read More


My Name is Peggy Postich our Doctors from Perfect Profiles INC offer a diet for Weight Loss with HCG Called Weight Be Gone. This is a great Diet, I lost 30 pounds on this great Diet but without the Tasty HCG meals Wyndi provided me I could not do this diet with this much success! Each day I would ...Read More

Peggy Postich
Director of Marketing for Perfect Profilels INC

We love every single thing we’ve had!


I run a business that keeps me tied to the office six days a week. Working long hours means very little time to get quality meals. Wyndi’s service is beneficial to me threefold.

First, I know the ingredients Wyndi uses ar top-notch. I take personal fitness very seriously, and I understand ...Read More

Gregory J. “Bud” Bauer
Owner, Bauer Car Connection, Inc.

Every one of Wyndi’s meals has been delicious and fresh. No more rushed lunches with too much sodium and fat, just pack a healthy meal from Wyndi and look forward to truly enjoying your mid-day meal! It is so good to know that if I have to work late or don’t have time to throw something together, ...Read More

Angela Powell

Ok, I usualy don’t like dressing/stuffing, have one recipe I make with apples, pine nuts and lean sausage….but must tell you, your stuffing is fabuluous! What a delicious recipe!


I’ve loved everything I tried……delicious! Thank you!


Wyndi, we love your food and tell anyone who will listen about it…I have never heard my kids rave over healthy cooking like they do for your food. The other night I offered them Chipotle burritos and they turned them down for one of your meals!! Yippeeee!! Thank you so much for all you do for us.

...Read More


Thanks as always…you are a phenomenal chef! I’ve enjoyed EVERYTHING!


Wyndi, I had gone to your website and found some of the testimonials. How about an update from me…

I fluctuated from 204 to 209 before I found you. I weighed yesterday and was at 189!! I have not got below 200lbs because I was at that for a long time and to get below that I was told ...Read More


By the way, my family LOVES your food!


I loved the food last week…and I’m down 5 pounds!!!


Wyndi, I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I rely on, and appreciate the delicious food you prepare!

Those who know me are well aware that I crave unhealthy food. But, I am happy to point out that your healthy nachos help to keep me away from the Taco Bell drive-thru!

Some ...Read More


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