My Name is Peggy Postich our Doctors from Perfect Profiles INC offer a diet for Weight Loss with HCG Called Weight Be Gone. This is a great Diet, I lost 30 pounds on this great Diet but without the Tasty HCG meals Wyndi provided me I could not do this diet with this much success! Each day I would look forward to these easy fun Meals! The delivery was also great because we are so busy each day! The Doctor and all the staff tell each Dieter that they need to order meals from Wyndi! It is too tempting to shop for food yourself and portions must be exact! Wyndi does a wonderful job of cooking these meals and always is helpful and friendly to be around! These great traits are hard to find and really help make our job easy! Please feel free to call me anytime about Dining Simple and and the lovely Chef Wyndi Waggoner. I totally Love her Meals!

Peggy Postich
Director of Marketing for Perfect Profilels INC