I love the convenience of the Dining Simple meals. They are always delivered fresh and on time to my home or office. However, even more important is how great they taste and the variety each week. All the items are fresh, never frozen. The menu changes and you are never bored with the selection. I actually look forward to trying different items each week. It allows me to try things that I would not normally try and has expanded my food choices. They taste so good that I have a hard time believing they are healthy, but they are. I had some digestion issues that have basically gone away since I have been eating the Dining Simple meals. I love the flexibility that you have each week to order as many meals as you need and what items sound good to you. I could not recommend them more highly. I have actually referred many of my friends who have been completely happy as well. Even my 23 year old son has been ordering them and has been so happy not to have to eat fast food all the time but still has the convenience of fast food.

Mendi Hawkins