I run a business that keeps me tied to the office six days a week. Working long hours means very little time to get quality meals. Wyndi’s service is beneficial to me threefold.

First, I know the ingredients Wyndi uses ar top-notch. I take personal fitness very seriously, and I understand all too well the relationship between what you put into your body and the performance you can expect from your body.

Secondly, convenience. I don’t have to spend any time putting together a nutritious meal because Wyndi has already done the hard work! My business is sales oriented and taking time away from the showroom means loosing potential sales. I take my business very seriously and Wyndi does too. She is prompt, reliable, professional and friendly.

The meals come in individualized containers that not only make them convenient to store, but also provide a natural portion control mechanism that takes yet another important nutritional element off my mind.

It’s nice to be able to eat healthy without feeling like you’re sacrificing the great tastes of food. I look forward to eating and Wyndi’s meals give me something to look forward to when meal time rolls around.

Eating right is tough and a busy life doesn’t make it any easier. That’s why I have Wyndi.

Gregory J. “Bud” Bauer
Owner, Bauer Car Connection, Inc.