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Wyndi’s journey . . .

At the age of 13, Wyndi began her journey in the restaurant business and has been working in all areas of the industry ever since. After studying Restaurant/Hotel Management in college, Wyndi owned her first restaurant by the age of 22, and her second at the age of 24. At 26, she became the youngest person to ever hold the position of General Manager for a famous steakhouse chain based out of Albuquerque.

In 1996, Wyndi scored top of her class in the ServSafe Food Safety Course and was offered a Food Protection Management Program Instructor Certification by the Texas Department of Health. She taught food safety for the next 12 years, all the while continuing to manage in the restaurant industry. Wyndi maintains a current ServSafe Food Safety Certification, as well as an Oklahoma County Food Handlers Permit.

...to making healthy dining easy

In 1997, Wyndi moved to Oklahoma City, where she joined the Management Team for Hal Smith Restaurant Group and managed for the next 10 years. In July 2007, Wyndi brought her love of cooking, her passion for health and fitness and her knowledge of Customer Service and Restaurant Management together and began her health based catering business Dining Simple.

Dining Simple focuses on healthy low fat, whole grain and low sodium meals. All meals are low fat and prepared fresh, with whole grain pastas, super lean meat (never frozen), and fresh or frozen vegetables – no butter, oils, or salt added.

Wyndi’s goal is to make eating clean and healthy as simple as eating bad. Wyndi delivers portion controlled, well balanced meals, weekly to her clients, so that they are not forced to grab a fast food fix during their busy work week. Although occasionally Wyndi still loves to cook up the kind of food that “sticks to your bones,” her primary focus is on healthy clean cooking.

MADE Simple

“Life is too short to invest yourself in things that don’t bring you happiness. If you don’t like to meal plan, shop, prep, cook, and then clean up afterwards…then don’t. Let me do it for you. We are expected to work full-time jobs, raise exceptional children, run a household, be community involved, eat healthy, and still find time to exercise and look amazing. It’s too much. But we only get one body, and we have to take care of it. So do the things that you do best, and leave the cooking to me.”

— Wyndi Barr

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